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PTAD Comprehensive Arbitrator Training Series

  • Audience: Arbitrators
  • Course Method: Self Paced


Potential arbitrators must complete PTAD's four arbitrator course modules and the ARB New Member and Continuing Education modules in order to meet the requirements of Tax Code sections 5.043.
Enroll in this course to complete ALL required modules. The system will keep track of your completion progress and generate a single, comprehensive certificate to submit with your arbitrator application.



PTAD Required Course Modules

Tax Code Section 5.043 requires persons seeking to become arbitrators to complete a Comptroller-approved, four-hour training program on property tax law for the training and education of arbitrators and the New Member Training and Continuing Education courses established for Appraisal Review Board (ARB) members. Each training requirement has been set up as a module in this comprehensive course for potential arbitrators. Completion of this single course and the certificate issued for this course meet the Comptroller training program requirements.

  • Arbitrator Module 1: Overview, Arbitrator Registry, Arbitrator Ethics and Customer Service (75 minutes)
  • Arbitrator Module 2: Request for Binding Arbitration and Arbitrator Duties (75 minutes)
  • Arbitrator Module 3: Appraisal Concepts and Equal & Uniform Appraisal (60 minutes)
  • Arbitrator Module 4: Where to Find it in the Law (30 minutes)
  • ARB Module: New Member Training (8 hours)
  • ARB Module: Continuing Education (4 hours)

Alternative Dispute Resolution Training Requirement

Tax Code Section 41A.06 requires potential arbitrators (other than attorneys) to complete 30 hours of training on arbitration and alternative dispute resolution procedures from a college, university, legal trade association or real estate trade association. The Comptroller's office does not make recommendations for specific training providers or courses.
Those courses are NOT offered through this PTAD Learning Portal.